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Oxalis Tours Overview

Oxalis Adventure Tours has a team of cave experts with many years of experience from the British-Vietnamese cave exploration team in researching, surveying caves, and putting into tourism in the direction of conservation and sustainable development of Natural value.

With the mission of creating one of the world-class adventure tours in Quang Binh, Oxalis Adventure provides professional and high-quality services while actively supporting the local community in development and lifting a high quality of life.

Safety is the top criterion and prerequisite for tours organized by Oxalis Adventure. The tour guide is carefully trained by experts, the equipment is provided with a world standard, each trip with only a small group and limit the number of tourists participating.

What To Expect From Oxalis Aventure Tours?

By booking our adventure tour, you will experience unique world-class tours, such as Son Doong Cave Expedition 6 Days and 5 Nights, Hang Ba Deep Jungle Expedition 6 Days 5 Nights, Tu Lan Cave Expedition 6 Days 5 Nights, and Hang En  Adventure Cave Camp.

Furthermore, you will have great chances to explore other caves in the Tu Lan Cave System in Tan Hoa, such as Kim Cave, Hung Ton Cave, etc. Besides, you can also explore the Tan Hoa Village by cycling. In particular, UNWTO honored Tan Hoa as one of the best Tourist Villages in the World. To know more details, please refer to the tours below.