Bong Lai Valley Quang Binh Travel Guide

Bong Lai Valley-Phong Nha Cave Tours


Quang Binh tourism is not only famous for its magnificent caves and majestic limestone mountains but is also known for Bong Lai Valley. It is also known as Bong Lai tourism village, a beautiful, peaceful, and worthwhile countryside. The vast rice fields, farms, and small houses on the green hillside all contribute to the uniqueness of this valley.

Bong Lai Valley-Phong Nha Cave Tours

Let’s Phong Nha Cave Tours Travel delved into what made Bong Lai Valley attract many tourists to travel here to explore through this article.

Bong Lai Valley Location

Bong Lai Tourism Village is located in Hung Trach commune, Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province. It is more than 30km from Dong Hoi city center. In the Bong Lai Valley, there are many famous tourist attractions with beautiful rustic scenery imbued with the colors of the Vietnamese countryside.

Bong Lai Tourism Village-Phong Nha Cave Tours
Bong Lai valley map

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How To Get To Bong Lai Tourism Village?

If you stay at a hotel or homestay in Phong Nha, our Phong Nha villages biking tour is the best option to explore Bong Lai village and other Phong Nha countryside villages.

The Pub With Cold Beer-Phong Nha Cave Tours

Bong Lai Village in Quang Binh is about 35km from Dong Hoi city center. You can follow the route as follows if you travel by motorbike: Hoang Dieu – Trinh Hoai Duc – Phan Dinh Phung – Ho Chi Minh road – across Bùng bridge. Here, you will see a sign and follow it to Bong Lai tourism village.

Bong Lai Tourist Village-Phong Nha Cave Tours

The road to Bong Lai tourist village is not too difficult to find. Still, because the road is quite narrow during transportation if traveling by motorbike, you should drive carefully to ensure safety. The fabulous thing when traveling to Bong Lai Quang Binh tourist village by motorbike is that you will have the opportunity to stop along the way to take beautiful photos freely.

What To Explore At Bong Lai Valley?

Many years ago, Bong Lai was known as an unspoiled valley filled with mountains and forests. From a difficult, sparsely populated area with the hands and minds of young people, Bong Lai Valley today has become a renowned tourist place.

Bong Lai Tourist Village-Phong Nha Cave Tours

Traveling to Bong Lai Tourist Village, you will learn about the unique culture of the local people and experience for yourself the simple rustic life through the daily work of hardworking, gentle, and hospitable farmers. Furthermore, you will not only relax in the cool, fresh atmosphere but also have the chance to join exciting and unforgettable experiences in your life.

Bong Lai Valley Quang Binh-Phong Nha Cave Tours
Bong Lai stream

Besides, due to the harmonious terrain between plains and mountains, it is accompanied by natural landscapes of rivers, lakes, mountains, and forests. Hence, when coming here, you will experience many interesting activities, such as bathing in streams, cycling, buffalo riding, etc.

East Hills Phong Nha

The first place you can stop is East Hill – Phong Nha, with delicious food and beautiful, peaceful scenery. What’s more wonderful than stopping at East Hill Phong Nha Quang Binh to throw away all your worries and soothe your spirit?

East Hill Phong Nha-Phong Nha Cave Tours

Coming to Phong Nha East Hill, you can enjoy a specialty dish not found anywhere else except Quang Binh – grilled chicken dipped in Cheo salt. It’s wonderful to enjoy delicious food at a wooden table in a thatched wooden house while admiring the beautiful surrounding scenery.

East Hill Phong Nha-Phong Nha Cave Tours
BBQ chicken dip with Cheo salt – a specialty of Quang Binh province.

Especially at sunrise or sunset, the scenery here is incredibly beautiful, with surrounding hills, trees and flowers. Therefore, don’t forget to take beautiful photos for yourself.

Ồ Ồ Lake SilencePhong Nha Countryside-Phong Nha Cave Tours

The next stop is Ồ Ồ Lake Silence – a cafe surrounded by mountains, with a view of the beautiful lake. Coming to the restaurant, you can freely take photos, enjoy the cool and quiet atmosphere. Plus, enjoy extremely delicious local dishes, especially the specialty BBQ chicken dipped in Cheo salt.

Bong Lai Quang Binh-Phong Nha Cave Tours

It is wonderful to enjoy Phong Nha specialties with unique flavors in a peaceful, poetic space beautifully decorated and in harmony with nature. In addition, you can also bathe and swim in the lake in front of this restaurant to cool off in the hot summer.

Dong Soi Farm

Next is Dong Soi Farm, a beautiful farm with quite a large space. It has a vegetable garden, sheep farming, and a wonderful windmill. Standing from the Windmill, you can see the surrounding landscape and enjoy fresh air without noise or dust.

Dong Soi Farm Quang Binh-Phong Nha Cave Tours

The Dong Soi Farm has a peaceful countryside setting. This place has a blue sky, green grass, and blooming flower gardens. As a farm, you and your family can return to nature and choose the cleanest and freshest foods.

Bong Lai Valley-Phong Nha Cave Tours

In addition, by coming to Dong Soi Farm Quang Binh, you can become a genuine farmer. Harvest vegetables in the garden or go fishing, and learn about organic farming methods without using chemicals. Besides, you can also pet the sheep and watch the ducks and frogs in the lake.

Dong Soi Farm

What you harvest will be cooked into fresh, nutritious dishes by yourself. Otherwise, you can eat at a restaurant here that serves delicious specialties prepared by local people and clean ingredients from the farm, especially delectable sizzling pancakes. Besides, you can enjoy fresh fruits right on the spacious campus of Dong Soi Farm.

Phong Nha Countryside-Phong Nha Cave Tours
Visitors are eating jackfruit

The Duck Stop Phong Nha

Coming to The Duck Stop Phong Nha, you will experience farm work such as feeding ducks and herding ducks to become a duck leader. This is an excellent experience as you get to lead a flock of ducks by making unique calls to feed them and have them chase you around the farm.

Phong Nha Duck Stop-Phong Nha Cave Tours

In particular, the “duck massage” experience. It is to enjoy the feeling of being massaged by letting the ducks bite the food by their beaks in your palm or the duck’s food that you sprinkled on your feet until the end. This creates the feeling of being massaged.

The Duck Stop-Phong Nha Cave Tours

Surely, you will feel interested when dozens of ducks bite the food in your palm or your feet. Sometimes, you will feel tickled, but it’s great to be able to experience the unique massage feeling from the ducks with their quacking sounds and soft white feathers rubbing against the skin like cotton.

The Duck Stop Phong Nha-Phong Nha cave Tours

In addition, you will enjoy the activities of riding buffalos, herding buffaloes around rice fields, and letting buffaloes wade in ditches. Moreover, you can experience doing other farm work of farmers in rice fields, pepper gardens, etc.

Love Valley

From a wasteland, it has become a poetic tourist attraction with the appearance of a miniature Da Lat with a space filled with flowers and leaves. There is a small farm here to raise goats, ostriches, horses, rabbits, pigeon coops, etc.

In particular, visitors will certainly enjoy the experience of horseback riding, fishing, petting sheep, feeding ostriches and goats, etc.

Bong Lai Tourism Village-Phong Nha Cave Tours

Additionally, the Love Valley also has a beautiful hydrangea garden and a colorful pinwheel garden. Plus, bamboo bridges, swings, and simple leaf-roof huts amidst the vast green trees, etc. All are great backdrops for you to take photos with.

Bong Lai Tourism Village-Phong Nha Cave Tours

Furthermore, coming here, don’t forget to enjoy the extremely delicious dishes cooked in local recipes.

The Pub With Cold Beer

The Pub With Cold Beer-Phong Nha Cave Tours

A bit of modernity amidst the wild scenery is also interesting when enjoying cool beers at The Pub With Cold Beer. Especially, when you get to taste delicious grilled dishes with fresh vegetables picked right from the garden. Thus, you can enjoy grilled chicken, fried eggs, spring rolls, etc.

The Pub With Cold Beer-Phong Nha Cave Tours

The Pub With Cold Beer is quite a simple house, but many travelers always tell each other to come to this place. It has been praised by many magazines for its friendliness, hospitality, and delicious Vietnamese food. Those were the Huffington Post, the London newspaper, The Guardian newspaper, and the New York Times travel newspaper.

The Pub With Cold Beer-Phong Nha Cave Tours

What’s else? After lunch, you can lie down in a hammock to rest or drink a cold beer while admiring the beautiful scenery of the Penglai Valley. Swinging in a hammock and watching the peaceful Vietnamese countryside is truly a wonderful experience.

The Pub With Cold Beer-Phong Nha Cave Tours

Bong Lai Rattan House

Further, you can also cycle a few more kilometers from The Pub with Cold Beer to Bong Lai Rattan House. This place serves food, Vietnamese wine, buffalo cart rides, and float rentals for stream bathing, which are very interesting.

Bong Lai Rattan House-Phong Nha Cave Tours

This is one of the great places when coming to Bong Lai Valley in Quang Binh. There are many other exciting activities here, such as buffalo riding, picnics, grilling food, etc. Besides, you can bathe in a stream while drinking beer. You can also hear the sound of hot birds and admire the beautiful mountains and forests.

Bong Lai Rattan House-Phong Nha Cave Tours

There’s nothing better than coming here to enjoy rustic village dishes and immerse yourself in the cool clear water of Bong Lai stream.

Monkey Bridge – Cuong Rung Farm

Continue your trip along the small road, and you will come to Wild Boar Eco Farm. The former names are Wild Boar Eco Farm and Bong Lai Swing Nature Farm. Inside the farm, you will find a simple but quite lovely wooden house with beautiful river views. You can also enjoy drinks and food, the best of which is wild boar meat. Additionally, you can visit the farm raising wild boars, chickens, and pepper gardens.

Phong Nha Food-Phong Nha Cave Tours

Anything else? You can sit on the Bong Lai swing and relax in the vast nature. It will definitely be an unforgettable experience when you come here. In fact, this is a type of adventure game called Bali Swing that once appeared in the Bali Oasis.

Bong Lai Swing Nature Farm-Phong Nha Cave Tours

The swing here is located at a height of about 15m above the stream surface. This adventurous game will be a challenge for those who are faint of heart and afraid of heights. However, the initial worries and fears will disappear when you dare to sit on the swing to try it yourself.

Wild Boar Eco Farm-Phong Nha Cave Tours

The feeling of floating in mid-air, with a winding stream flowing below. Plus, surrounded by majestic mountains and forests, is truly an exciting experience. Besides admiring the scenery, you can comfortably relax on the flying swing and take home great photo angles.

Monkey Bridge-Cuong Rung Farm-Phong Nha Cave Tours

Another unique and equally interesting experience is cycling across a monkey bridge that is only about 20cm wide. You will wear a life jacket and a hamlet hat for the challenge of cycling across the monkey bridge. This is definitely a unique and exciting experience that you will never forget.

Not only that, but visitors can also lie in a hammock and sleep deeply amid the beautiful scenery of the valley. Many tourists coming here are really excited and fascinated with the peace and beauty of Vietnamese village culture.

Monkey Bridge-Cuong Rung Farm-Phong Nha Cave Tours

In addition, in the Bong Lai Valley area, there is the Bamboo Village. It is also an attractive dining place that you should not miss. Bamboo Village is a restaurant area with rustic leaf huts under cool green bamboo fences famous for grilled chicken, frog meat, etc.

Bamboo Village Restaurant-Phong Nha Cave Tours


In summary, Bong Lai Valley – Bong Lai Tourism Village is where many tourists come to experience extremely unique activities with local people as well as enjoy delicious dishes. You will experience being a real farmer that cannot be found in the bustling city.

Bong Lai Valley-Phong Nha Cave Tours

Bong Lai Tourism Village possesses peaceful natural beauty, imbued with the cultural colors of rural Vietnam. Therefore, it is ideal for those who love the nature and rustic life of rural areas like you. Phong Nha Cave Tours Travel & Transport wishes you memorable memories in Bong Lai Valley, Vietnam.