Mooc Spring Phong Nha – National Park’s Precious Gem

Mooc Spring-Phong Nha Cave Tours


Do you love nature and want to explore the wild beauty of Vietnam? Mooc Spring Phong Nha ecotourist area is a must-visit attraction when traveling to Quang Binh – the capital of magnificent and gorgeous caves. As you approach this pristine spring, you’re immediately captivated by its crystal-clear turquoise waters, framed by the vibrant greenery of the surrounding jungle.

Mooc Spring-Phong Nha Cave Tours

Mooc Spring is located in the heart of the mountains and forests of the majestic Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, it offers visitors a fresh, peaceful and poetic space. Remarkably, the clear and cool spring flows all year round, surrounded by soaring limestone cliffs and dense forest canopy, creating a majestic and lyrical natural scene.

Let’s explore the beauty and interesting activities at the Mooc Spring Quang Binh with Phong Nha Cave Tours Travel.

Where Is Nuoc Mooc Spring Eco-Trail?

The Mooc Spring is located on the West branch of Ho Chi Minh Road between Paradise Cave and Dark Cave in Phuc Trach commune, Bo Trach district. It is about 22 km from Phong Nha and about 70km northwest of Dong Hoi city center.

Moreover, the Mooc Spring is nestled in the valley of limestone mountains along the banks of the Chay River, belonging to Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park.

How To Get To The Mooc Spring Phong Nha?

To get to Mooc Spring in Quang Binh, you must move to Phong Nha or Dong Hoi city center. If you stay in Hanoi or Saigon, you can travel by plane or train for about 4 to 10 hours, depending on the departure time and means of transportation you choose.

Mooc Spring-Phong Nha Cave Tours

After arriving in Dong Hoi, booking a private car or limousine to get there is best. Besides, you can also rent a motorbike to transfer about 60km along the Ho Chi Minh trail to reach the Khe Gat intersection. From here, take the West branch, about 5km, and you will reach Mooc Spring in Quang Binh. The road is a bit far and takes nearly 2 hours, but the route is beautiful, with rice fields, corn fields, etc.

Mooc Spring-Phong Nha Cave Tours

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Mooc Spring Entrance Fee And Opening Hours

1. Opening hours:

  • In summer: 07:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • In winter: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

2. Ticket price:

The new price list applies seasonally (Low-season and Peak summer) as follows:

From January to March & from October to December:

  • Full-service ticket reduced to 130,000 VND/ 01 ticket/ 01 adult (Including spring bathing, jumping, kayak, life jacket, paddle, rescue). Children: 50,000 VND/ child.
  • Entrance fee ticket to visit: 80,000 VND/ adult.
  • Children under 1.3m are free.

Vietnam Mooc Spring-Phong Nha Cave Tours

From April to the end of September:

Tickets to experience the entertainment package at 2 areas: Ghenh Mooc and Ghenh Chum:

  • Adults and children from 1.3m upward: 180,000 VND/time (including entrance fees and service tickets at Ghenh Mooc and Ghenh Chum).
  • Kids from 1.1m to 1.3m tall: 100,000 VND/ child.
  • Kids under 1.1m tall: Free.

To know more details about other ticket prices at the Mooc Spring and other Phong Nha ecotourism sites, you can read more at Phong Nha Entrance Fee.

Its Name’s Meaning And Unique Features

What does Mooc Spring’s name mean? According to the local language, “Mooc” here means “mọc”, which means spray from the bottom up. This name explains the spring’s origin with water gushing out from the underground, forming the Nuoc Mooc stream that merges with the turquoise water of the Chay River.

Mooc Spring Phong Nha-Phong Nha Cave Tours

According to local people, the water source originates from a mysterious underground river system flowing inside the majestic limestone mountains. It is the confluence of many small streams emerging from underground. No matter how hot the summer weather is, the spring water here is very cool, with a temperature of only about 20 degrees Celsius.

Mooc Spring Phong Nha-Phong Nha Cave Tours

Furthermore, based on the amount of water gushing out, geologists believe this spring could be the origin of a huge cave system deep in the cliff, possibly even extending to Laos.

Mooc Spring tourist area officially opened to welcome visitors on August 31, 2008. Importantly, it is part of a project to preserve and sustainably manage natural resources in the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park area.

Mooc Spring Phong Nha-Phong Nha Cave Tours

This project is sponsored by several organizations from Germany, costing nearly 17.6 million Euros. This investment has helped build basic infrastructure for the tourist area, including the 1,500 m-long Mooc Spring eco-trail, parking lots, and several wooden bridges.

Mooc Spring Vietnam-Phong Nha Cave Tours

Remarkably, the Mooc Spring tourist area also has a primeval forest with various flora and fauna of many species, typically tropical woody plants and rare wild orchids. Plus, the Mooc Spring is very large with two areas: Ghenh Chụm and Ghenh Mooc.

Mooc Water Spring-Phong Nha Cave Tours

In particular, the space at the Mooc Spring ecotourism area is even more beautiful when butterflies appear on the flowers, birds sing around the valley, or gibbons swing on tree branches.

Things To Do At Mooc Spring Vietnam

Mooc Spring, a green pearl in the heart of heritage, brings visitors a fresh, peaceful, and poetic space. Especially, Suoi Nuoc Mooc is also famous as the setting for the renowned Hollywood movie “Kong: Skull Island”.

Mooc Spring in Phong Nha-Phong Nha Cave To

The pristine beauty of Suoi Mooc created impressive scenes, contributing to the film’s success. Therefore, coming to Suoi Mooc Quang Binh, you will not only enjoy the natural beauty but also have the opportunity to experience interesting activities at this famous “filming location”.

Mooc Spring-Phong Nha Cave Tours

Moreover, the path leading to Nuoc Mooc Spring is beautiful, with bamboo bridges reflecting into the water are the path that takes visitors to the spring. Strangely, under the summer heat, when you take your first steps on the bridge, you will have a completely different feeling: cool and comfortable.

Experience Interesting Activities

One of the things that attracts a large number of travelers to visit Mooc Spring in Quang Binh is the unique and exciting experiences here.

Mooc Spring Vietnam-Phong Nha Cave Tours

Visiting Mooc Water Spring, you will have a fabulous chance to experience marvelous activities, such as kayaking, fishing, etc. Besides, you can soak in the clear turquoise water and swim freely in the cool water. Surely, all the fatigue from the long journey, the pressure and the chaos in life just disappeared.

Mooc Spring Phong Nha-Phong Nha Cave Tours

For those who love adventure, the Nuoc Mooc Spring tourist area also offers games such as aerial ziplining, suspension bridge jumping, or even racing swimming. These games not only help you relieve stress but also create opportunities for you to challenge yourself and strengthen the bond of friendship, love, or family members.

Admire Its Beauty And Take Beautiful Photos

Referring to Mooc Spring in Quang Binh, people will immediately think of the poetic and charming natural scenery as beautiful as a fairyland painting. As soon as you set foot inside, you will definitely be completely overwhelmed by the wonderful natural scenery with giant forests with rich green flora and majestic mountains surrounding this spring.

Mooc Spring Phong Nha-Phong Nha Cave Tours

In addition, dotted in the green tarpaulin forest are bright, fragrant orchids that make you feel comfortable when walking. Notably, the space here will be even more beautiful if you travel to the spring during the white butterfly season. Witness the scene of butterflies fluttering next to the flowers, along with the sounds of birds and flowing streams, creating an extremely beautiful and vivid natural picture.

Suoi Nuoc Mooc-Phong Nha Cave Tours

Additionally, the spring is not only a place of natural beauty but also a testament to the importance of conservation. Therefore, we have to protect its environment to ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy this stunning natural paradise. Thus, Mooc Spring is an ecotourism site that invites visitors to admire the wonders of a truly untouched ecosystem.

Mooc Spring Phong Nha-Phong Nha Cave Tours

Furthermore, an indispensable thing when traveling anywhere is capturing beautiful photos. Hence, Mooc Spring Quang Binh is the ideal place for you to pose freely and take extremely hot photos. Natural settings are always the most great background for virtual photos when traveling. Therefore, if you come here, don’t forget to wear a lovely outfit and bring home a beautiful photo album with your friends or loved ones.

Enjoy Delicious Dishes At Mooc Spring Restaurant

Mooc Spring Restaurant-Phong Nha Cave Tours

After experiencing the morning activities, you can enjoy specialty dishes at the restaurant right at the entrance prepared by the local people. The most special thing is all dishes are presented on banana leaves with rustic dishes, not too sophisticated but with a unique flavor.

Mooc Spring Restaurant-Phong Nha Cave Tours

There are many delicious dishes for you to enjoy, such as steamed Momordica sticky rice, stream fish, grilled pork, spring rolls, grilled chicken, steamed crayfish, etc. In particular, the spice that intrigues and attracts tourists the most is cheo salt. This local salt dipping sauce is often eaten with grilled meats that cannot be found anywhere other than Phong Nha.

Phong Nha food-Phong Nha Cave Tours

Travel Guides When Visiting Mooc Spring

Best Time To Visit Mooc Spring Quang Binh

The ideal time to visit Mooc Spring Phong Nha is from March to June. At this time, the weather in Quang Binh is very cool and comfortable, which is favorable for fun experiences.

Mooc Spring-Phong Nha Cave Tours

Specially, from April to May, the scene here will be even more poetic when many white butterflies fly above the bright red Saraca Dives flower trees and golden Saraca Dives flower trees. Thus, this place seems to turn into the scene of a fairyland in a fairy tale with white butterflies flying surrounding the spring.

Phong Nha Mooc Spring-Phong Nha Cave Tours
Saraca Dives flowers

Besides, from June to August, the hot sunshine and foehn wind brings heat to the Central region, increasing the number of people coming here to avoid the summer’s heat. Hence, if you like crowded, you can visit the spring at these months.

Things You Should Bring And Important Notes

Here are some important notes and useful travel experiences to prepare for your trip and preserve the green ecosystem at the Mooc Spring tourist area in Quang Binh:

  • Where can you buy tickets to visit Mooc Spring? You can buy a ticket at the ticket counter at the Mooc Spring ecotourism site or book a Mooc Spring private tour via Phong Nha Cave Tours Travel.
  • Also, you should prepare beautiful clothes to take photos as well as bring extra swimsuits to make it convenient for fun water activities.
  • Additionally, don’t forget a few essential items in your small backpack or handbag, such as a camera, waterproof bag for your phone, insect spray, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, towel, and sandals.
  • Significantly, food is not allowed to be brought into the Mooc Spring area to protect the surrounding ecosystem and its landscape.

Phong Nha Cave Tours


In conclusion, Mooc Spring Phong Nha is a true natural gem, offering a serene and enchanting experience in the heart of Vietnam. Hence, with its crystal-clear turquoise waters, lush greenery, and tranquil atmosphere, Mooc Spring is a haven for those seeking relaxation and a connection with nature.

Mooc Spring-Phong Nha Cave Tours

You can temporarily stay away from the hustle and bustle of life out there to visit Mooc Spring in Phong Nha, Vietnam, and fully enjoy the moments of relaxation. It will bring you many wonderful memories. So, don’t let your summer pass boringly. List this spring in your travel itinerary and pack your backpacks to explore it right away. Phong Nha Cave Tours wishes you a fabulous experience in Mooc Spring Vietnam.

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